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Meet our FMC Providers

We are a diverse team of providers committed to the health of our patients and community. Our providers speak multiple languages and strive to provide high quality medical and preventive care to all ages including, newborns, children, adolescents, pregnant women, and elderly patients.

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 Team 1        


Dr. Aleen Avakian

Dr. Jessie Standish


Dr. Stephen Yu

Dr. Katherine Kampe



Dr. Art Babakhanians 

Dr. Alexander Hu


Dr. Araz Melkonian







Team 2






Dr. Sirvard Khanoyan
FMC Medical Director

Dr. Isaac Kim
Clinical Faculty


Dr. Alison Kole

  Dr. Charles Peterson



Dr. Nare Stepanyan

Dr. Priya Saxena

    Dr. Andrew Yu

Dr. Sarah Beaty






Team 3    







  Dr. Jack Yu
Associate Director

  Dr. Sarah Lopez


Dr. Gloria Vo

Dr. Allan Yap



Dr. Lindsey Smith

  Dr. Pamela Twu


  Dr. Asal Askarinam


    Team 4        


Dr. Rich Cooke
Medical Director/CMIO
Dr. Pasoua Xiong   Dr. Alanna Chig
Dr. Yudier Pelaez



Dr. Jim Waters

Dr. Norris Tran Duc
  Dr. Trisha Duncan